Whimsies “In the Garden”

Continuing with this years’ booth theme: “In the Garden…”  do you know the name for a gathering of Snails?  It’s called “an Escargatoire of Snails.”  Just try to properly pronounce that word, I dare ya.  And, because the internet says the term “escargatoire” is obsolete anyway, won’t we need new suggestions?  What do you think about…. A slime of snails?  Or, a slick of snails?

Garden snails red

Grace your own garden with saccharine snails decked out in shimmery rayon or silk ribbon shells.  Some in soft woolen.  All with antennae & bodies wired  for gentle posing.

Garden snails all

Garden snails green

Well then, there they go!  A scad of sweet snails, set upon speeding their way toward 2016 Black Sheep Gathering, in Eugene, Oregon.  June 23 ~ 25.   Stop by our booth and say “Hello snails!”


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