Mystik Mouse’s twin, Rune

These mesmerizing look-alikes know all the spells to captivate and enchant their friends.

This is the first time I immediately replicated a sculpture, and ~ while there are subtle variations ~ the resemblance is most gratifying.

(These photos appeared as thumbnails under the Gnome photos on previous post, though I haven’t quite figured out how. These mice deserve their own post, so here it is.)

Her sorcerers felted robe and hat are are beaded and embellished with vintage lace enhanced by her “Gilding Spell.”

Hand carved oak Wizard Staff. Beads and Swarovski crystals for best good Juju spells
Just like her brother, Mystik, Rune carries her parchments in a beautiful silk cocoon satchel.

Come see Mystik and Rune at Black Sheep Gathering 2019, Lane County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon. Visit this 3 day show early, because Mystik and Rune are likely to rapidly disapparate!

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