Mystik the Wizard Mouse

A recent sorcery graduate, this mouse possesses ancient wisdom and considerable charms of his own.

Mystik stands ready to create enchantments from the parchments in his beautiful silk cocoon satchel. Dressed in his best felted ensemble, beaded and embellished with vintage lace enhanced by his “Gilding Spell.”

Mystik’s staff is hand carved of sturdy oak, and topped with a purple-eyed bird head which ~ as every Wizard Mouse knows ~ makes for most excellent juju.

Purple-eyed Juju bird whispers sorcery spells in Mystik’s ear

“What’choo want me to ‘spell’ for YOU?”
Such a sweet expression for a cheeky wizard
Gilded and garnished with Swarovski crystals and sparkly beads.
Mystik wears a tag of authenticity, stamped with artist’s initials. Posed upon a wood base with bark edge. A felt pad underside to protect surfaces, and felted ‘ground’ underfoot. Mystik’s feet, tail, and staff are all securely stitched to the base with strong invisible thread (the real stuff, not the magic spell!). Base is edged with handspun matching cord.
Beautiful base and twinkly toe footwear
Come visit our booth and chat with Mystik at the 45th annual Black Sheep Gathering on July 5, 6 & 7 at the Linn County Expo Center in Albany, Oregon.

2 thoughts on “Mystik the Wizard Mouse

  1. Absolutely magical! Thank you for sharing. Still have my pink sheep bag you made hanging on my spinning wheel.


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    • Hi Susan! So NICE to hear from you. I’m so pleased you like Mystik, and I am this moment at work on a female version. She’s in progress on table in front of me. Btw – I recently spotted one of the Swinging Sheep bags on a spinners wheel, and to my dismay I noticed the curls had grown fuzzy with time. Alas, I suppose she did not remember to transport her sheepy in a plastic bag in order to prevent abrasion in transit. Should the same thing happen to yours bag, there is a quick fix. Buy a fine guage felting needle (perhaps a 2 pack) and use it to tuck in and anchor any escaped fuzzy wisps. It’s easy even if you’ve never tried needle felting, and no, you won’t spoil the pretty curls. Just a tip I thought I’d pass along. Now I’ll get back to work on Mystik’s twin…currently in progress. Hmmm… I’ll need another name…

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