About Us

This blog exists to share my love of wool & wood crafts with others, and to inform customers which shows we’ll attend and what products are coming next.

whim·si·cal   adjective

1.  playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way.

Synonyms : fancifulmischievousquaint, quizzicalcurious,  fantastical,

Whimsical Ewe is our small business in which flights of fancy are entertained daily.  Where products are ever-changing, according to any silly whim…. and I have LOTS of whims!  Some standby products regularly appear at show, but I often chase playful ideas and create new items to entertain our customers.  As I explore the world of woolly goodness and improve my woodcarving abilities, I am able to bring delightful new products to future shows.

I am a Fiber-Artist-Woodcarving-Vendor who sells almost exclusively at fiber festivals in the northwest area of Oregon & Washington.  Building inventory to fill our booth requires nearly all my time, and so I do not sell my products online.  I rarely take custom orders, and have begun to limit that too.   I need to preserve time for other pursuits like creative exploration, the Ymca, and vacuuming wooly-dust-bunnies off the carpet!

Please explore the other PAGES to see what Whimsical Ewe makes.


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