About Us

This blog exists to share my love of wool & wood crafts with others, and to inform customers which shows we’ll attend and what products are coming next.

whim·si·cal   adjective

1.  playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way.

Synonyms : fancifulmischievousquaint, quizzicalcurious,  fantastical,

Knitting Sheep for OFFF 2013

Whimsical Ewe is our small business in which flights of fancy are entertained daily.  Where products are ever-changing, according to any silly whim…. and I have LOTS of whims!… while I chase playful ideas and create new items to entertain our customers.  When a customer enters our booth with wide grins and a happy laugh ~ it happens at every show ~ it just makes my day.

I am a Fiber Artist & Wood carver, who discovered the thrill of a wool fleece later a decade ago.   A newspaper photo of Llamas lured me to a local festival to see the critters in the barn.  Afterward, I browsed the canopied booths on the lawn, and the building halls; chatted with vendors and was introduced to spinning wheels and handfuls of glorious, washed wool curls.

Shortly afterward, I belonged to a spinning guild, with monthly meetings to share our love of wool & other fibers.  Learned to dye colors.  Decided to carve a wood handle for my own spinning wheel Hook, and everything bloomed from that point on.  My life was transformed by the joy found in this broad spectrum community of spinners / weavers / knitters / dyers / shepherds / wood carvers /  felt artists and festival staff.  It’s been GLORIOUS!

I am blessed to have a husband keen to participate in “our” business.  We are together at every show.  As a member of our spinning guild and broader fiber community of spin-ins & festivals ~ hubby’s face is equally familiar to our repeat customers and vendor friends.  At home, he helps with any of the myriad tasks necessary to prep for each show, besides setting up & running the booth.  Lucky me, we make a happy team.  We brainstorm new ideas together, usually while exercising at the Ymca.

Drop by our booth anytime and we’ll be glad to meet you too.

Please explore the other PAGES to see what Whimsical Ewe makes.

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