Felted Spinning Wheel Bags

Wrapper bags, tutti frutti  Wrapper bags, dk jewel color

Spinners often have a small knit or felted bag hung on a wheel peg, where they park their wheel oil jar,  a   fetch-hook, & any stray fluff, cell phone, snacks, scissors & such.   Here at Whimsical Ewe we find the bitty size of these bags is a wonderful way to explore endless design ideas!


Sheep are obviously a popular theme with spinners, so why not a silly Wooly Sheep bag?  They are a strong, wet-felted ‘cup’ base with head, legs & handle added.  Lovely locks of wool are needle-felted & firmly attached over body.   Or a cheerful Swinging Sheep bag?

Cherry wooly sheep bag Wooly Sheep BagsIMG_2791   IMG_2793


4 thoughts on “Felted Spinning Wheel Bags

    • Thank you so much for your compliment. Sorry this one slipped past me for awhile, glad I found it
      My customers are a wonderful source of inspiration, either from wanting to create something new to keep them entertained, or new ideas that arise from our conversations. You all give me tips and requests and I really do listen. Example, I was asked to make smaller size wooly sheep bags to better fit smaller spinning wheel proportions, and I’ve done so. Sometimes I’m encouraged by a compliment to delve deeper: “What aspect appeals to you?” and I’ll learn the beading, or the sheep shape, or the layering appeals to them. A scenic Sheep-in-the-Orchard bag series attracted another customer, who said she liked turning the bag to see what each sheep was doing. Another lady loved the silly detail of a sheep up in the tree (yah, I got no explanation for that; perhaps that sheep had it’s own “flight of fancy?”)

      My business name “Whimsical” allows me total creative freedom to be ever-changeable and silly with wool. I’m delighted to receive such a positive response from our customers, and people like you. Thank you! I feel so blessed.

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