Needle-Felted Critters

Moths are considered a wool lovers nemesis, but they fascinate me. And with a humorous twist, I enjoy making them. I’ve carved wood moths for wheel hooks, and needle felted this moth. The body is wool anyway. There are silk wrapped wire legs, vintage velveteen wings with cotton underwings. A woolly thorax and feathery antennae.


Version 2





Goat Mole, earthworm Squirrel, Bird trioI love being Whimsical ~ it allows somuch freedom to have fun exploring the malleable, creative qualities of wool! 

Sheep, Balwen Welsh Mtn..Blossom



7 thoughts on “Needle-Felted Critters

  1. Our soonest show will be Black Sheep Gathering 2016, in Eugene, OR. Held at Lane County Fairground, June 24, 25 & 26.

    Mostly I sell at local wool festivals in the Portland OR area, but we do make it up to Washington in January for the St. Distaff’s Day Spin In held in Lake Steven’s, at Cavelero Middle School. It’s an awesome venue, huge & well lit. Every year more than 300 spinners attend this event, and together with some 30+ vendors, it makes for a festive atmosphere.

    All going well, our booth can be found there in Washington, in January 2017.

    • Normally I only sell through the festivals we attend near Portland, Oregon and Washington. This year residential moving got in the way of having a vendor booth at Black Sheep Gathering as well as Oregon Flock & Fiber. I am chagrined I have so neglected my blog and intend to step it up in coming months. Now unpacked and settled in, I’m aiming for St. Distaff’s Day Spin In up in Washington (fingers crossed). Only rarely do I take on a custom order, as I usually prefer the absolute freedom of working on whichever fanciful idea has seized my imagination and is pushing me to create it. Other ideas pile on and must be sketched before they evaporate into the mist. Those drawings stare back at me, waiting their own turn at creation. Thank ewe so much for your sweet compliments ~ it means a lot to me.

  2. Your stuff is gorgeous, and the dragon is so amazing I don’t have adequate words of praise for it. The detail and vision are mindblowing, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing – I wish I lived closer to have a chance to see your work in person.

    • I really do need to update my blog more often, so you can enjoy photos of recent creations. It’s just my WordPress thumbnail set of photos went wonky ~ turning grey / blank ~ and they have only begun to sporadically reappear. I’m not a tech type, and it gets frustrating trying to understand how to fix it. Currently: attempted to add a new page header at top, to show Drum Carded Fiber Batts we’ve added to our booth. But nope, it only shows up it draft / won’t show up as it’s own page.
      Still, I will find time to add more photos here for you to enjoy. Thank you so much for your compliments. It meant a lot to me. DN

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