Needle-Felted Critters

Friendly mice

I have  been experimenting with another method of needle felting over a wired armature, and here in fall of 2013, am creating a wider variety of creatures with more flexible armature.  This means greater expression is possible thru slight changes in pose, by gently bending limbs or turning heads.  Example: The goat is tossing it’s head as though to exclaim “Aren’t I handsome!”  The head may be repositioned again when he gets over himself.  So now, in addition to my sturdier sheep, there will be a sprinkling of new critters inhabiting our show booths.  Mice / squirrel / birds / and a Mole carrying his own pet earthworm!

Goat Mole, earthworm Squirrel, Bird trio

I love being Whimsical ~ it allows somuch freedom to have fun exploring the malleable, creative qualities of wool!  Why not create a Knitting Sheep?  A Citrus Sheep?  Or a green Faerie Sheep?   And in my recent Fiber Arts entry taken to Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, I knit a tiny sweater for the Bitty Bunny.  I find miniature clothing as charming as Beatrix Potter did, and I will continue to dress more of my future needle-felted creations.

Sheep, Balwen Welsh Mtn..Blossom

Hard-core Sheep:  All my needle-felted sheep are buff critters!  They are hard-core sheep.  Literally.

1st:  the core is wet felted of long staple wool, then the body, neck & head are firmly stitched together.  

2: Wire armature is firmly embedded in core.

3: Ears are applied, legs wrapped and body covered with a base of wool roving in the correct color, built up via needle-felting to give the body shape the correct musculature & contours.  Mind you, features are sometimes exaggerated in a ‘whimsical’ sheep.

4:  Fleece is needle felted in place.

5:  Finishing details of face, hooves, added ornamentation.  Each step is time-consuming and great care is taken to create an attractive appearance.


2 thoughts on “Needle-Felted Critters

  1. Help! I’m computer challenged. My brother gave me a Spotted Towhee felted bird for Christmas. I would like to get one of your other felted birds if possible. How do I do that? I live in Spokane, WA, and teach environmental ed. I’ve created a science display showing how ornithologists band birds and what they learn from doing so. My towhee can serve as an example of a captured bird, but I need more than one. I’m interested in your whole site but don’t have much time to explore it to find out how to purchase from you.

    • Our soonest show will be Black Sheep Gathering 2016, in Eugene, OR. Held at Lane County Fairground, June 24, 25 & 26.

      Mostly I sell at local wool festivals in the Portland OR area, but we do make it up to Washington in January for the St. Distaff’s Day Spin In held in Lake Steven’s, at Cavelero Middle School. It’s an awesome venue, huge & well lit. Every year more than 300 spinners attend this event, and together with some 30+ vendors, it makes for a festive atmosphere.

      All going well, our booth can be found there in Washington, in January 2017.

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