Flock to Black Sheep Gathering, 2016

This year I am working with a theme in mind:  “Whimsical Ewe…In The Garden.


Oh the JOY!  Finally returning to beloved Black Sheep Gathering 2016 after a 2 yr absence (while on sabbatical to prep & sell a large house. Whew – mission accomplished).  Now happily nestled in a smaller abode with far more free time to produce whimsical creations toward a fiber festival – – well I am over-the-moon happy!  Admittedly I feel rather out of practice, but I enthusiastically tackle the challenge of recharging my creative batteries.   Some of it is back to basics:  “um…lessee….warm water + soap & wool…= oh yeah, felt.”  Been too long since I last wet-felted little bags.  Needle-felting critters feels more familiar to my fingertips and therefore is this year’s emphasis and I hope to have more needle-felted critters than carved wood hooks or dyed wool, etc.

I will post additional advance photos as items are produced, but for now here are a few of the current flock of needle-felted sheep headed to BSG…. each still in progress.


Suffolk sheep in sweaters


Meadow sheep

Sheep flocking to BSG 2016

Hah! Among this random flock of sheep is one in camouflage.  I am reminded of our 1st ever computer game (on a floppy disk!) titled “LOOM” where in Bobbin Threadbare of the Guild of Weavers wove his magic spells with a musical distaff, turning a flock of white meadow sheep green to disguise them from a marauding dragon!

Well enough daydreaming…and back to work.  Stop by and visit our booth at Black Sheep Gathering, 2016.

June 24-26, 2016

Lane County Fairgrounds
Eugene, Oregon


6 thoughts on “Flock to Black Sheep Gathering, 2016

  1. Seeing that garden adorned sheep brought such a smile! Really wonderful. I look forward to visiting your booth at Blacksheep

  2. Eeeeeeh! Hi Gale! I’ve been thinking of you both, since I am currently working with your pearly pretty Teeswater curls. You must have detected my happy thoughts beaming out across the atmosphere. I’d love to come visit your sweet flock of curlies this summer. Now you both be sure to stop by and see us at the booth. We’ll come looking for you too when we get the chance.

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