Black Sheep Gathering 2013 blooms ever nearer…

Our Whimsical Ewe crew is happy once again to participate in Black Sheep Gathering!   Vendor acceptance arrived, so it was time to get a whole lot busy, and a little bit SILLY.  After all, the sun is shining, birds are tweeting and everywhere Spring is flowering.  Creativity needs inspiration to bloom and inspire.

Hmmm….“bloom & Inspire…..”  Off on yet another flight of fancy, a whimsical mind poses the question:  “What if sheep were in bloom?  What might they look like?”  And so the work begins in earnest with a surge of silly energy.  One MUST bring the idea to life while it’s simmering there in the imagination.   And so, we present to you: “Blossom,” the 1st in a line of Blooming Ewes!


Dainty boots  Blossoms portrait

And now excuse me…. but the sun is shining, birds are twittering, and another idea has sprung a’fresh!  I must get back to bizzybusy!  Watch for more of those blooming sheep, appearing here soon!


16 thoughts on “Black Sheep Gathering 2013 blooms ever nearer…

  1. Hi Dana,
    I love the shoes. Can you make one as a small basket for a spinning wheel? Of course, I love the green. The first sheep that I bought from you was green, and I bought it at Black Sheep. We will see you at Black Sheep! Dave will be the new featured artist. His booth will be right inside the front door.
    I loved all the pictures that you posted on your trip. My father was Scotch/German. I met with some of the MacKenzie Clan when we were in Scotland. I came home with a lot of MacKenzie Clan items. I can’t wait to see you at Black Sheep! Are you going to NwRSA Conference in Spokane?

    Your Friend,

    • So glad the elfin shoes amuse you! Blooming Ewes as wheel bags? Hmmmm maybe could happen….we’ll see. And green certainly has been popular. I always recall an early computer game called “Loom” wherein the sheep in a meadow were hidden from the hungry dragon by a magical spell that turned them GREEN!

      Congratulations to Dave for getting into BSG! I can picture him now – beaming his big smile. His wood yarn bowls are so beautiful, of course they’d want him to join the show. I’ll be thrilled to see you both there!

  2. Very creative and appropriate for this time of year, will have to add to my collection!!
    All the best for a successful Festival,
    Susan in Maine

    • Thank you Susan! Spring must have shown up on the East coast too, eh? Is it all a’bloom for you? Spring is my most-est favorite time of year, and not just because my home wears these sheeps colors. I’m sure we all love spring for the fresh new growth and (finally!) a burst of welcome color in the warm sunshine. It’s obviously crept into my production line and there it will morph into a number of new takes on familiar products ~ such as the wooly sheep bags for spinning wheels, and the needle-felted sheep. In a recent show, customers requested a smaller version of the wooly sheep bags for their more petite spinning wheels, and I will accomodate the request by scaling down some bags. Come see us at Black Sheep and we’ll tempt you into building your collection. If you can’t make it to Oregon in June, contact me in July when I can make time for a few special orders. Gee, I’m gazing at Blossom here on the work table, and she seems to be giving me more ideas for another blooming sheep, so back to work I go. This is so much fun!

    • Thank you for your compliment. Spring was exactly the inspiration for the Blooming Ewes. They are so much fun to make they’ve become a staple item in our booth. Please will you share the Pinterest linky?

  3. I just Love blossom. Inspired! Made my day in fact, I’ve had a smile on my face ever since \I saw her. Thank-you…..

    • Thank ewe so much! I love her too. The original Blossom is perched atop a bookshelf here in my living room, where I see her and am inspired by her daily. It happens I am on Sabbatical for 2014 (yessss…it now appears to extend thru fall& winter) but while busy with other tasks, I can STILL be inspired. This is why I keep a sketch book. So Blossom, with her green curls, blooming hat and quirky smile continue to provoke additional creative ideas – all being stored up for the 2015 show season.

      In the meantime ~ in between time ~ Blossom with keep us both smiling!

    • Hello Patt,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, it made ME smile today.

      I’ve been gone on a looong sabbatical (in which a house got prepped & sold. whew) and now finally we are back to the shows.

      Our next show is Black Sheep Gathering 2016, on June 24, 25 & 26 at Lane County Fairground in Eugene, OR.

      There absolutely MUST be more of the wildly popular Blooming Ewes and Blossom is endeavoring to replicate herself many xxxxxxx over to populate the show booth & delight the customers.

      Last Black Sheep we attended, a wonderfully fun customer tucked her flaming orange Blooming Ewe into the front of her scoop -neck tshirt and wore it that way for remainder of the day. Talk about wonderful walking advertisement!

      • I’m s glad to hear that you will be at Black Sheep 2016. Dave and I will both be at Black Sheep. Dave has his bowls, and I have dyed fiber, batts and hand spun yarn. I am also doing a Trunk Show at The Serial Knitter’s Yarn Shop in Kirkland WA., on May 28th.

      • Hi Terry, I’m excited about seeing you & Dave again too. I’ll be sure to stop by and admire his gorgeous wool yarn bowls. He’s got such talent. I haven’t seen the new hall venue yet, so I’m overjoyed at the prospect of air-conditioning. Our booth assignment is facing the Spinner’s Circle, and I hope to see you there (perhaps with that exquisite myrtlewood Drudik wheel? sigh…..).

    • After a long sabbatical absence (in which a house was prepped & sold) we are BACK to the shows. I sell my creations at local wool festivals in the Portland, OR area.

      Our next show will be Black Sheep Gathering, June 24, 25, & 26 in Eugene, OR. Held at Lane County Fairground.

      We make it up to Washington each January for the St. Distaff’s Day Spin In (massive event) in Lake Stevens, at Cavelero Middle School.

      Hope to see you there.

  4. I will be at Black Sheep, but not with my Drudik Myrtlewood wheel, but with my new Tom Livernois Claro Walnut and highly Figured Maple wheel that I received from Tom at Black Sheep last year! I have sold most of my spinning wheels, and have just a few that I use all the time.

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