Calling all Ewe Gardeners!

Are you going to Black Sheep Gathering, 2016?  We’ll be there to greet you, after we finish picking our tasty veggies, put away our tools, and wipe our (hoof) boots.

Version 2

Presenting:  “The Gardeners,” a couple justifiable proud of their efforts, and delighted to show off their best produce.  Marley & Matilda just love working together out in the garden, and always dress smart in their apron, work boots and gloves.

Gardener sheep boots & veggies.jpg

As devoted gardeners, they keep their tools ~ buckets, a handy rake and trowel ~ in top condition.

Gardener sheep tools

Just how happy are this hardworking duo?  THIS MUCH!

Gardener sheep ewe

Maltida is certain her colossal carrots are sure to win accolades at this Garden Show!

Gardener sheep ram

See ewe all at Black Sheep Gathering, 2016!  Look for our bright green Whimsical Ewe booth by the Spinning Circle, just inside the main entrance.


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