Flock & Fiber Fest 2013 left us breathless!

Yup, we were fairly breathless!  It coulda been from dodging all that windblown rain!  Or maybe huffing & puffing to slog booth furnishings thru the wet for set up in the show hall.  Or dashing around the lawn booths to find a dry spot under the trees.  Or trying to keep up with customers crowding our booth.  Whatever the case…. WHEW!  What a show!  Here a photo comparison of the lull before the ‘indoor storm’ and same after the show opened  (I’m soooo not complaining).

OFFF booth b4 opening OFFF booth after opening

OFFF 2013 Fiber Arts ribbons

My Fiber Arts entry garnered 4 ribbons!  “Oh my goodness” (she exclaims, fanning herself).  Really, I had a ton o’ fun creating this diorama story of a chilly little rabbit in need of a new warm coat.  Festival visitors chatted with us, exclaiming how much they enjoyed perusing all the little details.  That it provoked so much laughter and delighted smiles is the greatest reward of all.   There were many other fabulous examples of skillful ingenuity on display in the Fiber Arts Gallery, and here are some I admired and lingered over.  The jaunty, cheerfully floral rug is my top favorite!  Wouldn’t it be grand to sink your toes into that warm snuggly rug on a brisk winter day?

Pretty in purple felt jacket Stunning nuno felt jacket Lovely lace shawl Masterful knit sweater Beautiful Batik scene Cheery floral felt rug

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