Anticipating Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2013!

I’m bringing some FUN items with me to OFFF 2013!

Rabbit's New Clothes

“Rabbit’s New Clothes” in which fiber friends gather to lend a hoof in creating warm new garments for Bitty Rabbit. He is newly shorn and feeling rather chilly. The fur was shorn, carded, spun on wheel, and the resulting yarn dyed before knitting. The knit britches are nearly done too.

The makings of “Rabbit’s New Clothes” or (subtitle?) “How to Make an Angora Sweater.”  Enlist the help of friends!

Rabbit's sweater - Knitting britches Rabbit's sweater - close up Carding Rabbit's sweater - Carding & Spinning Rabbit's sweater - The Wheel Rabbit's sweater - spinning angora fur Rabbit's sweater - Mo's dyepot

Despite house repairs somewhat hindering fiber arts production prior to this show, I still managed to explore new techniques and make a few things to delight our customers.   It’s wildly exciting for me to realize there is so much more to learn and – here’s some irony – I always look forward to a show’s completion ~ because it frees me up to go delve into more woolly crafts!    Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at some new items for OFFF 2013.Other goodies to be found in our booth:

Lotsa Spindle Bags!

LOTS of Spindle Bags to hold your drop spindles and spinning fiber. Scrumply shapes done in what I call “Dr. Suess style.” Most have adjustable length cords and drawstring closures. Plus: Deja Wool Pumpkins in overdyed & felted sweater woolens. Come browse thru a box of Mulberry Silk for fancy spinning! Goat Squirrel, Friendly mice  Rabbit, tall Bird trio Mole, earthworm Mole with earthworm

Of course there will be ~ as always ~ carved Spinning Wheel HOoKs, dyed wools and silks to spin, Woolly Sheep Bags (only a few, so get there early!) and more.

Last but not least…. an antique honey-color Saxony Spinning Wheel for sale.  The lint of ages cleaned out from under mother-of-all hub, the wood wiped clean and newly gleaming.  All parts inspected & well oiled.  The original chipped bobbin restored & 2 matching new bobbins created.  Come take it for a test spin at our booth!

Saxony wheel Saxony wheel flyer

Come visit us and say “Hello!”  Our booth will be located inside the main building, near wall of front porch.  We look forward to meeting & greeting you!

2 thoughts on “Anticipating Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2013!

    • Oh dear….long time blog neglect due to sabbatical (now ended! I’m ba-ack). Just in case this info is still helpful, you can find an entire LIST of skilled wheel restorers on the Antique Spinning Wheel group on Ravelry. Here is the page location

      Ravelry is a free & public website, taking only moments to sign on. If already a member, you can follow the link directly to the page.

      Wheel restorers can create for you a bobbin to match existing, or can sometimes create a larger size to fit your flyer.

      CHEAT TIP: some spinners use a pc of stiff plastic or paperboard to cut a disc larger than either end of your bobbin & by slitting part of the circle, slip it onto the bobbin, showing up against either end. This effectively enlarges the bobbin by holding more spun yarn.

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