St. Distaff’s Day Spin In ~ new Wood & Woolies

Happy New Year 2014! ~ to all our friends, vendor buddies, and customers!

Here’s are some new items we’ll have in our booth this Saturday, Jan. 4 at St. Distaff’s Day Spin In  (Photos of previous shows can be seen in the Ravelry group by same name).

Here Kitty, kitty, kitty….   Hand-carved SPINNING WHEEL HOOKS left to right are made of Camphor burl, Yew, Walnut, + 2 cats in Curly Maple.  The tallest cat made of Yew has especially nice wood grain on the back.  The cat duo are made of Wild Olive & Camphor burl, with a wedge of Manzanita between them.  All the cats have German glass eyes (on a wire) securely imbedded, giving them each a mischievous expression.

. Cat hooks front, group 1

Cat hooks back, group 1 Cat hooks front, group 2Cat hooks back, group 2 Sheep Diz Masur Birch, front

New SHEEP designs for a Diz  (what is a Diz tool?) .  The gorgeous blond wood is curly Masur Birch. The characteristic flecks & the wavy grain makes the wood shimmer like rumpled satin as it reflects light.  Next up:  the Sheep DIZ in the lovely Wild Olive, and a freeform Diz in colorful Camphor burl.

Sheep Diz Masur Birch, back Sheep Diz, Wild Olive, frontSheep DIZ Wild Olive F&B DIZ, Camphor burl f

Needle felted SHEEP-in-Boots!  And….Sheep-in-Socks too (she’ll soon have her hat).

Sheep in Boots Sheep boots closeup

Sheep in socks     Wild Woolies “Grumbler” & Tumtum.  Poor Grumbler doesn’t have it’s fangs yet, but it will by show time!  Tumtum needs nothing more; he’s quite full already.  I wonder what Wild Woolies feast upon?  Whatever it be, it sure contributes to luxurious curls!  Wired legs & arm allow for gentle posing so the can stand, sit or tap impatient toes!

Grumbler duo ft Grumbler duo bk 

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