Flight of Fancy: Wooly Birding

One of the pleasures of being a Whimsical artist is the freedom to explore other flights of fancy.  An idea sparks and the chase is on to capture it in wooly goodness.  Needle-felting allows incredible detail of shapes, colors, markings.  These birds are realistic representations of a House Wren, a Black Capped Chickadee, a Rufous-sided Towhee (still in need of a beak & red eyes), and a Hummingbird snuggled in it’s mossy nest.

Hummingbird in mossy nest  Bird, house wren Bird, chickadee Bird, Towhee

The birds are firmly constructed, but still lightweight.  Their wired legs may be gently posed, bending slightly, or toes curled to perch on a branch.  This means enchanting possibilities for displaying a bird in your home.

Now rest assured….being a Whimsical artist also means that upcoming birds are likely to sprout colorful wooly locks for tails, sport bright striped legs, wear a hat, or sit upon a branch with their knitting in wing.  Come to Black Sheep Gathering 2013, and check out the Tree Table – where the birds will be roosting!

4 thoughts on “Flight of Fancy: Wooly Birding

  1. Thank ewe! I was trying to replicate the Rufous-sided Towhee that startled me while doing yard work. Their habit is to rummage among fallen leaves for bugs. Kicking them aside makes a rustling sound like someone behind you in the bushes! It can be unnerving. And they are bold little critters, foraging nearby while I work, so I get to admire them up close. I had the thought I’d like to keep a wooly replica in the house to admire. I’ve got a pot in my entryway which hold 10′ tall curly willow branches – with wired stems of flowering tree coiled there to create my own “tree.” I suppose the Towhee can occupy the mossy base. I can’t wait til after Black Sheep show, when I can make my own Hummingbird to nest in my indoor tree!

    • Hey are you gonna attend Black Sheep Gathering? You be sure to stop by and see how many items utilize your pearly curly wool! Any chance you’ll be delivering a lamby fleece for me? A wee curly white bitty lambkin fleece? Or else after July 1st, I can come by to visit and fetch it myself. Remember: we gotta schedule another felting day together! Oh, and THANK YOU for the nice compliment! It’s just bitty birds but you know….YOU could make a life-size chicken replica and fool Staci to think one got loose in the kitchen! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love it that would be so funny!

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