Fiber Fusion Northwest ~ 2012’s last show

All this wonderful show business had to slow down at some point….and it will.  Just in time.   It’s been a happily exhausting year!  Working to prepare for each show, and the next…etc…has been exhilarating.  The shows were such grand fun, and our customers a joy!  We’ve made friends all year long, and greeted them show after show.  My own bitty heart is grateful, full of warm fuzzies (tho it could be due in part to all the wool lint).

Here are some goodies heading to this weekends’ Fiber Fusion Northwest in Monroe, Washington.  Click on the words for the link.

Spinning Sheep Set: Miniature wheel – 7″ tall, Miss Delilah Sheep in chair – 10″.  And her wee hand-painted wooden chair.

Delilah – sitting pretty for her portrait, with sparkling eyes, a dainty felted floral cap, & wrap of antique handmade lace.

Swinging sheep in shades of gray Bluefaced Leicester fleece

Marigold sheep bags!

Marigold sheep…. and….an experimental Franken-sheep, in honor of Halloween coming up soon. He’s got patches of felted sweater wool, sprinkled with bits of gray curls. Dangling legs that wobble & swing (strongly attached tho). Patched button eyes & attitude! I call him “Scrappy.”

Seraphina ~ an angel sheep (wheel bag).  Her lacy wings give her flight and clearly tickle her fancy!  She wears pearly Teeswater locks, and her cord is spun from Silk/Merino/sparkle for a twinkly sheen.  She sure thinks she’s something special!

And last….. a seasonal treat thrown in for good measure:

A Plenitude of Pumpkins!

Whimsical Ewe’s own Deja’ Wool line, celebrating the fuzzy delights of Upcycled, Re-purposed, felted sweater wool.  All materials are washed with unscented mild soap before being over-dyed- – in very hot water!  The woolens are given new life in various imaginative forms, and come from a pet free, non-smoking home.  The revived woolens will appear more often in our show booths, especially geared toward seasonal holidays.

So watch for Valentine hearts & lacy treats, especially at St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In next January ~ so I’ll be ready well ahead of Feb. 14th.  It seems to have disappeared from Google, but can be found mentioned in a post in this blog, together with some photos.

I am ESPECIALLY looking forward to Easter and all the wonderfully fun goodies I can think to make:  Sheep & Lambs / Rabbits & chocolate bunnies / Easter eggs & baskets / Daffodils and Lilly’s / Sweets & treats / Ducklings & Chicks & (hey why not?) perhaps a Swan.  I’ve got an Easter Swan stuck in my imagination & trying to escape into actual creation.  We’ll have to see what it becomes….

In the new year of 2013, there will be many more items carved in wood / wet-felted picture panels large & small / felted bags / needle felted sheep & OTHER CRITTERS (especially Alpaca / goats / yaks / rabbits).

But first….we have the last show of the 2012 this next weekend.  Followed by a week of REST tending a myriad of chores kept waiting / then a few custom orders / a few  long-delayed outings / and holiday preparations.

However, one can never start TOO SOON for the coming year.  First: it’s just to hard to resist, or squelch the urge to create!  My ideas are filling up the sketchbook with new hopes for delighting our customers!

Be seeing you soon!  😛

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