Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2012 – Ewenique!

Our 1st year at OFFF was a bit of a surprise: first for getting in, next for getting indoors, then for the location indoors, and ~ not the least~ for the abundance of joy that came our way.

(Grrrr WordPress blog mucks up photo alignment…so aggravating sometimes!)

Our “Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs” booth location, 6ft w x 10′ long.  It was a challenge to shop with us, but determined customers can always find a way.

Every show seems to begin the morning of set up with a challenge to overcome.  I have learned to expect & work thru it.  Every time, things  always worked out just fine.

Instead of sour notes, we made light of the unique location (literally, we had lights with us this time ~ what luck!)

When some customers grew impatient waiting to fit into our booth, we joked about the magical Cupboard Under the Stairs Laughter helped customers find time to linger and chat.  We had a lovely show  full of good sales, new acquaintances, fun &friends.   As always, we were greeted, hailed & hugged.  Lovely to see all the familiar faces again, and meet some new.

Our ribbon winning needle felted Teeswater sheep, in glass case at the Fiber Division Competition,upstairs in main pavilion.

Our Silkworm Cocoon water-bottle bag placed 2nd. It’s made from merino wool & mulberry silk, with vine cord & felted leaves, with seed pearl ‘eggs.’

This is the first time we’ve entered items in a fiber arts contest, and my heavens ~ such breathtaking results!    I admit there is a certain tingly thrill to winning a ribbon, and I’d sure love to try it again.

As a vendor, it can be difficult finding time to escape one’s own booth and go explore the event.  Luckily my dear husband took over, booting me out to go see the sights.

Carl & Judy at Spindles & Fiber booth. They’d just won a ribbon for their Pygora, and she’s spinning the fiber on one of Carl’s pretty drop spindles.

A fellow wood carver, Carl makes adjustable yarn winders, drop spindles, niddy-noddy and lazy kates.

There were lovely things to see:  vendors,  exhibits,  demonstrations of Ravenstail Weaving by John Beard:

Delightful to visit with, John Beard modeled his cape for us 

. . . .  and dashing along so I can quickly return to our booth. . . .

As I zip across the lawn, there’s friend Karen ~ over at Abstract Fiber, busy as always. “Hiiii Karen!”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….um…I mean Booth….

Woebegone customer with dog-chewed sheep bag.  Hurrah ~ it CAN be restored!

And a happy lady with a Knitting Sheep that clearly needed to go home with her.

Our little friend Juno comes to visit. We 1st met this delightful young lady at Black Sheep Gathering, where I admired her bag, and the hat is done in Linen stitch.  Juno knit them herself!

Our Knitting sheep are always dashing away to new homes…so more are needed for Fiber Fusion Northwest!

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2012 was wonderful, and we look forward to OFFF 2013 with happy hearts!  Hope to see you there!

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