Grand Champion Needle-Felted Teeswater Sheep Sculpture

Wonderful surprises from the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival Fiber Division Competition!  Whimsical Ewe’s largest needle felted sculpture won multiple ribbons, culminating in The Diamond Award (the black marble plaque).

The actual sculpture measured about 12″ x 12″, as seen in photo below.  So it was much larger than the paper it’s photo is printed on.

There is a happy story to go with the prize-winning sheep, after this photo for size comparison.

The largest sheep ~affectionately referred to as “Sir Locksley”~ was entered into the Fiber Division Competition because he wore the most glorious Teeswater locks, and his greater size showed them off to perfection.

Earlier this year, the wonderful women of Lawrence Cottage / Looking Glass Loft invited me to see their flock of Teeswater sheep.  I visited their farm in time to be the 1st customer purchasing their 1st fleece, and even watched the oh-so-careful sheering.

It was this lovely fleece I took home & used to create the sheep shown above.

Only Sir Locksley was entered into the competition, in mild hopes of a pretty ribbon to talk about later.  I was well aware numerous beautiful creations would be submitted to OFFF Fiber Division Competition.  Along with my brief written description of his construction, I included a photo of his body underneath the fleece.  I was later told this helped the judges greatly.  I really am so glad, because many hours of meticulous effort went into the creation.

Midday Saturday I was lured from my booth, called upstairs and arrived thinking perhaps the photo was disallowed, but instead made a wonderful discovery!  Gazing into the glass cabinet, there was a colorful ribbon rosette with the words “Grand Champion.”  It was all a blur and I seem to recall squeaking “Oh, no possibly way!  Is that real?”  only to turn and be greeted with congratulatory hugs from the staff, who were so thrilled for me and really enjoyed watching that whole scene, I’m sure.  My eyes had teared up so quickly it wasn’t until hours later I realized there were MORE than 1 ribbon ~in fact 3 of them~ AND a marble plaque.

It’s all enough to leave a gal flustered and breathless.  I thank the judges for their generous admiration of my work.  I certainly feel abundantly honored…..and quite humble too.   “Oh gosh….pshaw!  Thank you all ever so much!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Staci & Gale from Looking Glass Loft sweetly inquired whether I’d be willing to part with Sir Locksley, and I immediately agreed they should own him.  He came from their 1st fleece sale ~ and now he’d go home to live with them.  How perfect a circle is that?  I could not be happier.  I even know where to go visit, should I miss him entirely too much.

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