More wheel bags for OFFF

For the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, here’s a departure from the fanciful colored bags… I had on hand a roving blended of Merino/YAK/silk, and it felted beautifully. The natural slate gray color is lightened by the other fibers. Paired with black trim, the resulting bags are more elegant than playful.

A classy Pygora goat, alongside a mini flock of sheep (there’s one sheep on the back side)

Now, returning to my whimsical side…. Here is an evolution of the Swinging Sheep Wheel Bags: the sheep ON a swingset. Why did I first make several bags with the sheep ‘arms’ holding just the cord? Who can truly explain where the mind wanders? I can only report it took until #6 for the obvious epiphany to take hold: “OH – it could be a sheep ON an actual swing!” …and extend the cord down to a seat.
And so…

A happy sheep on swingset with vines & felted seat. Behind is another sheep I suspect rolled in spilled dye! They are kinda frisky and do get into all sorts of mischief ya know…

The white sheep has possibly the WHITEST fleece I’ve ever seen. EVER.                                             No…i didn’t bleach it either (would that even work?) Pretty sure that’s the last of my bitty bit of glossy Cotswold fleece. I only had a tiny amount to begin with since I imagine it was too hard for the shepherdess to part with such a stunningly white fleece.

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