Swinging Sheep ~ Spinning Wheel Bags

Spinners like to have their ‘tools’ within easy reach, so many of us habitually have a little bag hanging on a peg of our spinning wheel.  In it we keep the little oiling jar (to keep the wheel quiet & running smooth), but also scissors, string, cell phones, snacks and bits ‘o fluff plucked away while spinning.

Wooly Sheep bags: natural Brown Shetland, Green BFL locks.
Swinging Sheep bag: um….exactly what IS that retina-searing shade of orange?

These bags are an opportunity for fun and function.  Here we have bags on the whimsical side of function!   Fanciful, colorful sheep having a swinging good time.

Angora Rabbit fur bag (the 1 & only so far) + Wooly bags: a natural Shetland, and brown dyed BFL

I even ventured over to the bunny side, working the first time with Angora Rabbit fur.

Pardon me a moment….”thrbbbth!  thrbbth!”  I’ve got fiber in my mouth / stuck to my clothes / static’d to my fingers.  Angora rabbit fur is notorious fly-away fiber and a real challenge to work with, so there’s only the one so far, though more Bunny Bags will be made following Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  Perhaps I’ll have them done in time for Fiber Fusion Northwest coming in October.

Natural color Angora bunny fur.

Each bag approximately 5″~6″ tall, not including cord.

2 thoughts on “Swinging Sheep ~ Spinning Wheel Bags

  1. Hi Dana,

    Please reserve one of the Orange hanging bag sheep for me at OFFF. That is if you will do that. Where are you going to be at OFFF?


    Terry Yocom Director of NwRSA Area 2010

    P.S. I am the one that you complimented me on my eye shadow at Newport Beach, Oregon. I am passing this on to Karen Bruggman, who may want the Bunny!

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