Happy New Year! & St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In

 Here’s to wishing us all a Happy 2013!

An early January show is a wonderful kick-start for the New Year!   Click on the show name  -or high school name-  for the Facebook link with details and map to:  ST. DISTAFF’S DAY SPIN-IN        Cavelero Mid High School

8220 24th Street SE, Lake Stevens, Washington (just above Seattle)       Saturday, January  5, 2013   Open 10 til 4pm.

Knitting Sheep & Alpaca

KNITTING SHEEP & ALPACA:  In their antique & vintage handmade lace shawls, collar, and socks.  Ladies of a certain age gazing thru bifocals at their tiny stitches, cast upon gold-plated spiral needles (the Bluefaced Leicester is a yearling ewe, with sharper vision).  Resting comfortably on felted tuffet seats, the gals gab about their New Year’s knitting projects.                        Come to St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In to see them in person!

Reclining Suffolk Sheep, bedecked in beautiful blooms

RECLINING SUFFOLK SHEEP, bedecked in beautiful blooms.  Sturdy dense felted core, covered in curly locks.  Felted legs are not wired.   German hand-blown glass eyes give her gaze an extra sparkle!

Easter Chicks

SWEET TRIO OF EASTER CHICKS:  from our Deja’ Wool line of Up-cycled, re-purposed, felted knit woolens ~ because good woolens never die, they get reincarnated!   Vintage & antique handmade laces, wired legs.  Dainty, delicate darlings!

SWEET EASTER CHICKS:  (left): Version 2.0 has sturdier wired legs than the prototype (right)  perched on pipe-cleaner legs.   All future chicks will have these finer legs.  These Easter chicks are not meant for small children, but instead to be admired in a secure Easter decor location.

Milk Chocolate Cashmere Easter Bunnies - making an early appearance

MILK CHOCOLATE EASTER RABBITS – are you ready for Easter?  These special bunnies are made of snugly felted Cashmere!  Hand-stitched details & rice-weighted bottoms make these bunnies SAFE for small children.

ACORN SPINNING WHEEL BAGS: Bodies of shimmery Merino & silk, with beaded or embroidered sliding caps.   Acorn bags are sized to hold wheel oil & orifice hooks and still have room for those stray fluffs during spinning. Or maybe a small snack?


FELTED ACORN BAGS: with felted , stitched leaves on 2 sides, & sliding caps. Sized to hold wheel oil and orifice hooks.

MORNING GLORY BAGS: beautiful felted blooms and vines that wildly wander where they will.

 SHEEP-In-The-ORCHARD bags: Needle-felted sheep frolic among the beaded & embroidered Trees

SHEEP-In-The-ORCHARD bags: Needle-felted sheep frolic among the beaded & embroidered Trees.   Lower left:  the sheep on this bag have fleece embellished with FRESHWATER PEARLS!  It must be a magic orchard?

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! & St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In

    • Hi Terry! I thought about you too and was certain we’d see you again! Dear hubby affectionately refers to you as “our stalker,” because we’ve greeted you over several shows last year! You know you are regarded fondly by friends when you’ve earned a nickname! And isn’t St. Distaff’s Day Spin In fabulous? Such a huge event! The spin-ins we attended thru 2010 were modest affairs with perhaps 20 spinners in the center circle, and that’s what we expected. Instead we were astonished to discover St. Distaff’s attracts around 300 spinners in THREE giant circles and even the attention of the local news media. WOW. And we met such pleasant vendors & customers before, we are content to make the 4 hour drive to return for this wonderful show. We’ll be watching for you!

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