New Whimsies in Wire & Wool

Some new at Whimsical Ewe:

NEEDLE FELTED SPINNING WHEEL THREADING HOOKS  Ordinarily I carve wooden hook handles, which is grand fun, but challenging… (a euphemism for:  #@*# difficult at times).   With a needle-felted handle instead of wood, a broader range of playful ingenuity is possible, including embellishments of beading and embroidery.


The wool design is needled FIRM to withstand frequent handling.   Next, the hook itself must be embedded permanently in the wool.  I chose piano wire again, albeit a thinner version.  Piano wire has amazing strength and flexibility – superior in every way to craft wire.  Opting for a ‘loop’ model gave a pleasing appearance and allows the customer to easily pinch-bend the hook to best fit their wheel’s orifice.

I had to avoid the possibility of wire pulling loose, or ends poking through wool handle.   Experiment 4.0 was the winner, and ~ without giving away “trade secrets,” I can assure customers the wire is NOT going to work loose.  I don’t just glue wire straight into a poked hole.  No, no, no…  MY wire is tied / cinched / crimped / bound / looped & locked.  It is #%# secure!!  (You’d have to hack it out of the wool handle with a chainsaw).

That said, I do ensure the handle itself is all soft on the hand.  Legs – ears – leaves – fins — they don’t poke, they flex.  Most hooks have a cord to hang prettily on your wheel, others could be tucked into a wee bag.

Visit our Whimsical Ewe booth to see new hooks at Black Sheep Gathering, 2018.




2 thoughts on “New Whimsies in Wire & Wool

  1. I love the oriface hooks! They will work great
    on my Drudik wheels, and on my Hansen E-Spinners!
    See you at Black Sheep!

    • Hi Terry! I am so delighted to hear from you. Really glad you like the idea of the loop-wire hooks. I wonder that I hadn’t thought of using looped wire for my wooden hooks I’ve been carving for 6 years. I suppose no customer ever asked me for a wire shape different from the ubiquitous “candy cane” design. Terry – can you give me an idea of best wire length for an E-spinner? That would be super helpful to know. See you soon!

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