Seashells and Spinning? How so?

How does the ocean meet spinning fiber?  Easy peasy;  by using a gorgeous, highly polished piece of abalone shell for your combing DIZ  “Do not adjust your TV set,” as they say… these colors are stunningly real.  A shimmering rainbow in every piece of shell.  Each Diz has it’s own threader with clip to keep the set together.  What a lovely item to beautify your fiber tools collection.


Comb out your wooly locks, then pull it through the shell DIZ to create a long, tubular length of combed top.  Roll into a bun and set in basket for later spinning.



Achieving the high polish is difficult because I must avoid heat build-up that can crack the shell.  That and the undesirable calcium dust from shells ~ which must not be inhaled ~ and therefore work is done outside.  Carefully!  Consequently, few of these Diz sets are available, and all the more special as an unusual offering in our booth.  Come see us at Black Sheep Gathering 2018, and snap up a beauty while you can.



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