Happiness Doesn’t Have Just One Address

When THIS happens, everything else is put on hold.  No attending shows; not as vendor or even as customer.  No playing in wool.  No dyeing wool.  No creating in the craft room.


It will be some weeks before Life returns to a semblance of “normal,” because AFTER the move, the excavation begins.  Digging one’s self out of boxes and setting up a new environment in which to function is time-consuming.  And let us not forget that it is done in the aching exhaustion following relocation.  Sure, the muscular Moving Co guys will transport furniture and boxes, but we’ve been lugging carloads of anything else that doesn’t fit neatly into boxes.

I thought I’d keep some knitting aside, for the evenings of rest after a long day of packing and hauling.  But no.  Fingers, hands, arms ~ everything required to knit ~ are too sore.

And then…my mantra: “On The Bright Side….”   After the move, I can build a new play fort!  I suppose I could also share it with my 2yr old granddaughter.


While I missed participating in Black Sheep Gathering  (as vendor or even as delirious customer) I will be free in time to stroll through Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2017.  In fact, I’ll be living a mere hop skip 15 minutes away.  No time to get on this years vendor list, but I will happily host a family member and once again thrill to greet familiar vendor, customer, and friends faces while we shop and soak up the fabulous atmosphere.   I hope to see you there!




One thought on “Happiness Doesn’t Have Just One Address

  1. Oh, moving! That is a big job! Every time I have moved, I say “this is the last time”, but somehow….. We didn’t go to black sheep this year either, too busy. There has been some vendors talking about moving location of Black Sheep to Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany. We are in favor of that. As it is now, the vendor booths are far far removed from the animals. They also restrict food vendors other than what is already contracted for. If we have a booth in the animal area, no one comes. Also the animal barn floods in the back if it rains. Anyway, we are writing to the association to voice our favor of a location move. Linn county grounds is right off I-5 and a central location to the Willamette Valley, and set up well for public events. We encourage anyone that would be in favor of moving to write to Black Sheep Assn.

    We miss visiting your booth.

    Take care,


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