Knitting Brag: invented Glove pttn

Subtitled:  Anticipation vs. Vexation.   fullsizeoutput_1d4f

No, no I didn’t invent the concept – just this particular pattern to fit MY hands.  Began project in 2007, when I was a more amateur knitter (still am, just a bit less so).  Mislaid project for a few years, then rediscovered and completed it.



Brag point: I endured making up my own pattern.  Gloves are knit as a large wrist tube culminating in little finger tubes.  But – if you don’t already know it – how do they make that ‘bridge’ between the fingers?  ARGH!      After weeks of unsuccessful research and tortuous attempts figuring it out – finally, success.  Was there instant gratification?  Not a chance.  There were frustrating challenges and only anticipation kept me struggling onward.


Of course, I kept NOTES so I could duplicate the opposite side.  Still, experimentation rarely works on the first attempt.  Fingers vary in size, and don’t get me started about thumbs.   I had to unravel each finger several times before achieving a good fit.  Had to restart fingertip decreases over & over.  Too stubby?  Rip it back.  Too long?  Unravel…yes, I know I already unraveled twice.  Do it again.


Love the rich coffee color, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca /wool blend has pleasing tactile qualities.  However, it IS what knitters call “a splitty yarn.”  FOUR tiny plies of splitty yarn – – in a dark color – – working on 4″ long 00 double point needles.  JUST YOU TRY unraveling half a finger tube, then pick up those wee stitches with tiny metal toothpicks!  Yeah…now you have respect, don’tcha?  I thought so.  This was a devilish project, for sure.


Great fit.  Minor imperfections?  Nobody cares.  They’re strong and feel lovely.


Admittedly I feel I’ve earned multiple brag points:  (1) Completion of formerly abandoned project. (2) Self made experimental pattern success.  (3) Pattern recorded for replication.  (4) Knit in very fine yarn. (5) Used tiny double 00 needles. (6) Did I mention the 18 rows of itty bitty CABLES?


Today I definitely feel elated and triumphant over this stage of knitterly success!

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