Painted Spinning Wheel adventures, part 2

Another JUNKY wheel followed me home…. which just goes to show that truly, Hope Springs Eternal.



img_6714  fullsizeoutput_1f6

This wheel provided a unique challenge in that it already wore an ancient coat of paint.  Problem:  NOTHING would clean that paint, and heaven knows I tried!  Too ugly to keep, I stripped it off….revealing mismatched wood.  Once again, repainting was the best option.  So… Milk Paint to the rescue!  Despite the yellow appearance in photo (due to camera flash) that was a horrid beige.  Still, the photo gave me the idea to choose a lovely butter yellow color.

Next challenge:  Suppose I purposely attempted to replicate the appearance of an antique wheel?  Given it truly IS old, with all the dings and worn treadle, a new coat of paint could look out of place.  So I researched techniques and used my imagination to create a vintage appearance, while simultaneously refreshing this poor, dilapidated wheel.  With options of tung oil or wax to seal the Milk Paint (a necessary step to protect it) I chose wax.  The high quality, hard carnauba wax finishes to a satin sheen and feels like velvet.




Overall, the results are delightful!  When the wheel is on display in our booth, it will wear a story tag with FULL DISCLOSURE that this is a ‘rescued’ wheel restored to function.  That it is RE-finished in a manner intended to pay homage to it’s age and recreate the appearance of a antique wheel; much loved and used.  I adore the cheery soft color, and have named it “The Butter Wheel.”

2 thoughts on “Painted Spinning Wheel adventures, part 2

    • Hi hi Tammy,
      of course I recognize Lavendarknits name. Nice to hear from you. Sorry you’ve not had a reply til now (long sabbatical due to house prepped then sold. whew) but now I’m finally back to blog & shows.

      Yah…fixing up old neglected wheels is NOT gonna remain a hobby. it’s fine & well to put all that work onto a project wheel you intend to keep, but far less practical to pursue it and amass wheels toward a show venue. Now I’ve got the dilemma of how to transport them to Black Sheep Gathering 2016. If we can’t fit everything into a car & van, the leftover wheels will have to wait for Flock & Fiber Festival the following September.

      Thank you so much for your nice compliment.

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