Newport Spin-In

February4, 2012

Hall crowded with spinners & vendors

Felted wheel & water bottle bags












Newport Spin-In & NwRSA winter board meeting

Another event held at a school, which is really convenient for the spacious, well lit cafeteria halls and lots of parking.   I’d guess about 16 vendors and around 60 spinners in the center circle.

We saw familiar faces among vendors and spinners.  One gets hailed & hugged, patted & chatted.  Each show brings new delights from familiar faces to new acquaintances.

What a thrill to have a customer return to our booth to show us what she’s blended from the wool & silk purchased at a previous show, and is now about to spin!  I expect at a future show we’ll see what she’s then knit from the resulting yarn, and I must remember to get a photograph of the completed project.

It gets even better, because she was also using a hook I had carved.  Then…looking around the crowd of spinners, I realized I could count about 10 items in use which I had made: a few little felted bags hanging on wheel pegs / red fiber already spun & knit into a shawl, worn by a fellow guild member / and several of my hand-carved hooks.  This realization makes me feel both humble and blessed.  Customers enjoy my unique creations and delight to own them.

The wood carvings in particular are my dear joy.  Wood has a endurance that extends many years (even decades) beyond knit or felted fiber.  The carved wood hooks are little artistic treasures ~ so I’ve been told by customers ~ and I am thrilled I’m able to create & sell these carvings, sharing them with others.

I’m not crazy about rising so early in the dark for a drive to the coast, but when adequately caffeine-fueled and once the sunrise brightens the sky – – the drive is pleasant.

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