St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In

Held at Cavalero Mid High. 8220 24th St. SE, Everett, WA

Began this new year with a wonderful show at St. Distaff’s Day Spin-in, Everett WA.  What a surprise to encounter a HUGE event – much larger than any spin-in I’ve previously attended.  I expected oh…maybe 12-to-15 vendors, not 30+ booths!  And there were 3 spinning circles easily totaling around 300 or so spinners – – folks who just came to hang out among friends and new acquaintances, enjoying their craft and sharing their projects.

The Spin-In organizers wisely chose the venue:  Cavalero Mid High school, with a massive central atrium with soaring ceilings, vast glass windows, and split-level floor to easily accommodate the crowds of spinners / vendors / shoppers.

St. Distaffs was such an event, it merited a segment on the local news channel, who sent their cameraman to film the event.  Here’s a link to the King5 newsclip
While they were careful to avoid promoting specific vendors by showing their booth sign, they did give an overview of the entire event.  I really enjoyed the personal interviews, and curiously….inserted into the video footage of the event are a few seconds close up of some of my needle-felted sheep, at 1:05 min  into it.  There ya go, my 2 seconds of fame.  Sort of.  Too bad Dandelion the green fairysheep sold only moments before ~ she missed her television debut!

We made a few new friends whom I know we’ll enjoy meeting again and again at future shows.  In the news video: see the gal in the crazy red hat?  She is one of the organizers for this marvelous show and such a dear woman.  We are eager to contact her next year about joining the show again.  Another friend is a repeat customer with whom we laugh and playfully banter: “Are you stalking us show to show?”  And she shoots right back “Who’s stalking who here?”  LOL.

St. Distaffs Spin In is a delightful, huge, well-organized event and one we’ll happily look forward to at the beginning of each new year.

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