Aww Nuts! ;) Felted Acorn fun

Morning exercise brought rewards.  My early bicycle ride under oak trees gave me a bounty of fallen acorns.  I scooped up about a gallon coffee can worth.  Sorted, washed, baked ’em dry.  Seriously – bake them because otherwise they can mold or hatch bugs.  Don’t ask me about the forgotten ziploc of acorns I found in later jacket pocket (ewww).fullsizeoutput_1ed4

Knocked caps off.  Sorted out the twins (lower left) and the curious itty-bittys ~ which I’ll save for embellishing other items.


I polished the larger (more easily grasped) acorn caps with my Dremel tool.  Had a notion it might tidy up the caps and WOW did it ever.  See how much more detail shows with the grungy dirt gone?   I hope to keep these pretty felted acorns for many years, so it’s worth a few-minutes-effort-per-cap to pretty them up.

Three down, and a few dozen more in progress.  I’m eager to put a thin cord on the remainder and use them for Christmas ornaments.  Take a few minutes to browse online images of felted acorns – there are so many pretty variations.  THIS is the time of year to get outside and gather them up for your own crafty ideas.  Happy felting!


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