Inspired by Fall Sunshine

Bright November days are an invitation to get outside, and absorb some vitamin D.  Enjoy the sunshine, and get inspired by all the beautiful colors.


During a long walk and found myself distracted by bursts of color; Nature’s last hurrah before winter dons a drab coat.  This ruffly purple cabbage reminded me of fizzy yarn back home, waiting to be over-dyed.  Change the color I didn’t like into something perkier.

I wanted to dye over this kid mohair lace yarn because I didn’t like the original yellow-green combo.  I’d gotten it long ago at clearance price, knowing I could turn the odd green into something prettier.   Forgot to save a piece, but the ball of yarn here is almost exactly the same ~ for comparison sake ~ resting on the very mohair I dyed over!  What an amazing transformation: from funky green to fabulous Burgundy Red.  I’m going to love turning that into a knit cowl.


There was enough space in the dye pot to include handfuls of other fibers.  Note how differently the various wools absorb the dye.   Clockwise from green yarn ball:  locks of white Romney-Coopworth.  Medium grey CVM (California Variegated Mutant), show in original locks and combed top, which holds it’s shape very nicely in a dye pot.  It took the dye color with a more purple tinge.  Above it are darker  ~ nearly black ~ locks of the same CVM fleece.  Yes, you can dye over dark wool, often with surprising results.

The sun is setting lower now, casting long shadows across the yard.  But here in my kitchen simmers a second dye pot, too dark yet to predict the results.  Perhaps next time I’ll bust out the umbrella, and go out walking to seek further inspiration on a rainy day.


Until then, I’ll leave you with this marvelous big bumblebee, diving into a late-blooming rhododendron.  The bright green leaves and pale pink blooms are so reminiscent of summer.



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