The “no-go” show

There is a lesson here somewhere….  about packing the van 2 days before a show, for “just in case.”  Or, not packing the van late, when you’re tired.  Or….maybe just SHUTTING THE DOOR COMPLETELY before you go to sleep.  Otherwise, you wake up at 4:15am, dress, have breakfast and caffeinated attitude adjustment before hopping into the van and hear it whimper “errrrr…..thunk.  errrrr…..thunk,” because the battery is dead from a door being left ajar all night.  SIGH…..all packed up but can’t hit the road.  That’s kinda pathetic.

Recharging batter  Packed but no can go

Maybe the early hour  contributed to our zen attitude.  Still too sleepy to get worked up about it?  Meh.  Note to the uninitiated:  jumper cables alone are insufficient.  This van required 8 hours on battery charger before the cables helped start the motor.  And that’s the 2nd lesson learned.

We missed the new Midsummer Spin In show with our organizer buddies and vendor friends, and possibly we disappointed some customers.  All is not lost though….because Oregon Flock and Fiber is not so far away ~ at end of September~  and that is some consolation.  Plus hey….we’re already packed!

(Days later):  Battery died again, half hour before an appointment.  Grrr.  Check records and that battery was 12 yrs old!  So, we bought a new one & IT works great.

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