Serendipitous Kismet at BSG 2013

Black Sheep Gathering 2013 was fabulous, though I seldom escaped our busy booth (not complaining!).  A collision of serendipitous events made this year’s show particularly memorable:   1). I had dedicated show earnings as wedding gift for our eldest daughter, to be married the following week.   2). Youngest daughter flew over from Scotland for her sisters wedding, & arrived earlier so she could help work our booth (awww).   3).  My Fiber Arts Contest entry won “People’s Choice Award” with an avalanche of heart stickers.   4).  A delightful woman visiting awhile in our booth inquired whether she could purchase my contest entry: a large needle-felted Gotland Ewe & Lamb.  Answer: Yes!   Mary later revealed that her stunning knit sweater had won the Black Sheep Cup!

Was that all delightful kismet, or what?

BSG 2013 Fine Arts contestants BSG 2013 People's Choice Award

It’s always nice to have a great team!  Below, two of the Whimsical Ewe Crew work our booth.

BSG 2013 part of the Whimsical Ewe crewjpg   BSG 2013 Jenna laughs with customer

Chatting with customers we can’t help but smile …..especially when they offer up such nice compliments on the decor, the products, and their purchases.   Ya know…..last year they made me cry too! (and I posted about it by that title).  By the end of the day, my smile muscles hurt – how fabulous is that?!   I’d like to send out thanks to anyone who waited patiently when the booth got jammed – there were 3 of us and we tried to get to all of you, reallllly we did.

BSG 2013 a booth in there somewhere  There’s a booth in there somewhere.  Most I counted was 14 shoppers packed in at one point.  I’d returned from a quick peek at the Fine Arts Contest aisle behind us, and couldn’t fit into my own booth.  Fancy that (so not complaining!).

Oh, and check out some beautiful Fiber Arts entries in the contest this year. I LOVE the forest spirit, the little lamb, and painterly felted shepherdess!

BSG 2013 felted panel  BSG 2013 Felted panel detail

BSG 2013 Love this lamb sculpture  BSG 2013 painterly felting

And a quick dash thru the sheep barn, to see breeder friends and their critters.  Here is one of Robina Koenigs (Tumble Creek Farm) gorgeous Bluefaced Leicester.  See how a bleating sheep sticks it’s tongue out?  It cracks me up every time, and is the reason for the impudent tongue on my own Whimsical Ewe logo!

BSG 2013 Bluefaced Leicester    Tumble Creek Farm BFL

Lyn of Cedar Haven Farm Shetlands shows what’s left of her winning ribbons after her sheep SNACKED on them!  Oh, I forget what type of sheep this horned fella is…..but what a handsome ram!

 Sheep ate their ribbons    BSG 2013 such a handsome ram

I am beaming heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful friends, fellow vendors, customers and booth visitors!  YOU made BSG 2013 a fabulous show for us!  Now I am working on the very few custom orders, and I try to fill them within a few weeks, as Real Life permits…

We can’t wait to see all of you again at  Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in September.

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