Felted Drop Spindle Bags – for Black Sheep Gathering 2013

Luscious colors in cuddly-soft merino make up these Drop Spindle Bags.   They are a recent creation to answer the needs of a friend who often carries a Turkish spindle with her.  Could I make a small-ish bag tall enough to accommodate the spindle shaft, & wide enough she wouldn’t have to disassemble it all for transport if she had spinning-in-progress on it?  Could it have a bit of space for the spinning fiber?  Could it be unique and pretty too, with a cord long enough for a shoulder bag, but adjustable so she could shorten it?  The answers are all YES!

Bag for Drop Spindle Bags in progress for Drop spindle,

IMG_4008  Bag, colorful panels

Shown above are patches of wool laid out stacked & ready to felt, along with larger finished felt pieces ready for assembly & stitching.  These bags remind me fondly of Dr. Suess, due to their almost freeform, organic nature.  Soft edges; no rigidity or straight lines here!   The cord holes thru the bag have internal stitched patches for reinforcement, and cords are decoratively twined & knotted.   The lumps & bumps & crinkles are all an intrinsic part of felt’s charm, and their cheery colors are captivating.  

I’ve only had a squeak of time to incorporate this new idea into my booth for Black Sheep Gathering 2013, which means only a half dozen available.  However there will be many more felted Drop Spindle Bags in September, for the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival!   

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