Lesson learned ~ take it slower

Red light caution in brain:  “Dear, YOU are overworking yourself .  You are passing on personal activities that brought you joy; in order to crank out more work product.  No “S” for Superwoman is tattooed on your chest, you do realize?.  Perhaps you should get a clue; slow down a wee bit?  Yes dear, (I answered myself) I know people appreciate the results of all this hectic activity, but you’re right,  they also want me happy & in best health”  I’d been skipping spin groups /  monthly friend gatherings /  hadn’t spun on my own wheel in ages / kept declining YMCA nights with hubby – a pastime I cherish.  Clearly an adjustment was needed.

Good thing I listened to me.  And show organizers can be such dear, understanding people.  They’d met a few frazzled vendors in their time.  Thus, I was excused from February’s Newport Spin-In with kindly, reassuring words.   Karma is a serendipitous thing, for shortly afterward, I received a spontaneous invite to join a gaggle of fiber-minded gals headed for a seaside cottage weekend, and…..to the Newport Spin In!  That there is amusing irony.  I attended the show after all, though as a visitor meant to relax, hang out with friends, and enjoy the event from the flip side as a customer.  It was such fun – why hadn’t I done this in past 2 yrs?   And, I was still recognized by a few former customers who exclaimed  “Oh!  I was looking for your signature hat!  Where is your booth?”  They laughed to learn I was taking a break and  therefor “incognito.”

Newport Spin In 1 Newport Spin In good turnout Normally, when vending, I would lack time to get around the room, or  drool on Terry’s lastest treasure: a gorgeous myrtlewood Magnus Drudik wheel.

Admiring Terry's wheel

Admiring Terry’s wheel

Such a glorious wood.  The myrtle shows shimmery chatoyance. So pretty you can't help petting her soft curves.

Such a glorious wood. The myrtle has such shimmery chatoyance. So pretty you can’t help caressing its smooth curves.

A few of the seaside cottage gals knitting & spinning

A few of the seaside cottage gals knitting & spinning.  Such a charming, gregarious group.  We had a cheery weekend.

Bellwether Wool's delightful ladies

Bellwether Wool’s delightful ladies

I love Lois’ t-shirt!  Experienced same feeling as I browsed thru the vendor booths…Oh Look, Wool! Silk carrier rods!  Cashmere!  Supplies!  And brought a few items home.

I totally get that t-shirt slogan!

I totally get that t-shirt slogan:  “I’m not easily distracted. I….    Hey! Look! Yarn!”
Lois, my wonderful weekend hostess: a hard working vendor & an awesome Wensleydale sheep breeder.

So I took a much needed break, enjoyed myself tremendously, and came away happily recharged.  Freshly inspired, full of new ideas and eager to get back to work.  It was restorative to the soul, and a Lesson Well Learned: Remember to make time for yourself.  Everyone benefits.

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