Destined for Black Sheep Gathering: the newest lil’ wheel bags

…Turning lemons into lemonade…. I disliked  a 1st dyed fiber experiment, so I over-dyed it and absolutely love the resulting muted, mixed colors.  This piece of wool fell short of standard 4 oz bundle of spinning fiber, so arose the question of how to maximize use of it?  Answer:  felt it into little bags to best display the interesting color palette.

Beading is a lovely added detail.  I am so pleased with these bags, I can hardly wait til after the show when I’ll have time to play at making more.

Below:  More embellished bags, some with needle-felted sheep images.

Next:  a new shape.  this wee rectangular Locks ‘o wool bag is still intended to hang from a spinning wheel peg (such as on a Lendrum) but is flatter and a bit more generous in size.

Splash ‘o Fun:  Tutti Frutti bags!.

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