Rolags ~ Ready to Spin

rolag (Scottish Gaelic: roileag) is a roll of fiber generally used to spin woolen yarn.  A rolag is created by first carding the fiber, using hand-cards, and then by gently rolling the fiber off the cards.

In this case, it’s all about using a Blending Board for it’s larger expanse of toothed carding cloth to layer fiber upon – and drafting by pulling forward, roll, pull again.  When finished, slide roll off the dowel and you are ready to spin magical yarn.


Above:  The blending board in action.

Fortunately, we have a broad selection of fibers in our stash.  Rolag primary wool content: Merino / Bluefaced Leicester / Columbia / Corriedale / or a soft hybrid fleece we may have acquired and dyed.  Incorporated into this are any number of lovely additives; a goodly amount Mulberry Silk / fluffy Sari Silk roving  / sparkly Firestar  / and random bits & bobs.   The whole thrill of creating Rolags lies in varying the colors and additives into delightful mixes for spinning.  The next thrill will be spinning it to see how the Rolag yarn will look!


All of our Rolag bundles weigh MORE than a typical 4oz. dyed wool braid.  We begin with a mostly 4oz wool base / add 1oz of mulberry silk roving, plus the extra, inventive bits.  A pinch of Firestar here… or a handful of sari silk fluff there…