Wools for spinning or felting.  In keeping with my “whimsical” nature….I seldom dye repeatable colorways.  Instead, I follow my fancy and dye from whatever color inspiration comes to me.   On a given day, it could be the flower garden, the season, the colors in a favorite fabric pattern…  That said, I do try to dye multiples in a batch, so a sweater could be made of several bundles.  You know what happens though…..customers whittle down the batch buying just one-at-a-time.  So if you like a colorway, buy the amount you need then & there!  Come to a show and see what’s new!

Soft wools for spinning or felting.

Superfine Merino.

Merino-Tussah Silk 80-20%.

Merino-Mulberry Silk 50-50%.

BFL = Bluefaced Leicester.

BFL-Tussah Silk 75-25%.

Alpaca-Merino-T. Silk 50-30-20%.


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