Glorious Tussah or Mulberry SILKS, to Spin, Blend with wool, or embellish Felting

Lovely, lustrous SILK!

You can spin your silk very thin, or spun it closer to fingering weight, and knit into a glorious scarf.

Ply your silk single together with wool for a wonderfully intriguing yarn.

Pull off  tufts of silk to layer in felting with incredibly beautiful results.

At our spinning guild, I’ve seen a woven silk wrap that was simply exquisite.

Dyed silk is so appealing because of it’s glowing sheen and deep affinity for color – soaking it up and giving back stunning results, be they bold or subtly muted tones, it all has the brilliant shine we all love!

Mine are labeled “Ribbon’d Silk” to explain the way I flatten them ~ the better to show their wonderful color and shine.  (Otherwise, fresh out of the dyeing process, they resemble ragged shoestrings!).  Flattened ‘ribbon’ shape does not hinder spinning at all.  One simply pre-drafts the silk the same as you do with wool…pulling gently to loosen the fiber before spinning it.  I’ve been told by a customer it’s a good idea to tug it wider side-to-side before feeding it into the drum carder to blend with wool.

When pulling off tufts of silk to layer in felting, I often battle static charge.  So I rub a dryer sheet over my hands,  then smooth the fluffed end of silk &  it reduces the static so I can proceed with layering.

These silks are sold in packages ranging between 1 oz. , 2 oz. and 3 ounces.  My customers seem to appreciate selecting just the amount they want in a particular color, or mixing up their selections with a bit of this ‘n that. Perhaps enough to spin into lace weight yarn for a scarf.  Or a bit less, to ply together with a single of wool.   Any amount they care to blend, or just a little bit to embellish a felting project.  Each packet is priced identically per ounce, so that one 3 oz. bag costs the same as three 1-ounce bags.    I like to provide customers with affordable options.


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