Good Luck Comes In Three’s

(Oh, if only it were always true...)  This time luck did happen, and I’ve found a 3rd Yarn Swift – shortly after acquiring the first 2 lovelies.  Here is yet another adjustable arm swift; table clamp style.  Old, dirty and neglected, it sorely wanted a good clean & polish.

The Before: showing ages of grungy dirt.


The After:  Cleaned with Murphy’s Oil Soap, polished with Howards Feed ‘n Wax to preserve the wear & tear of time.  The cherished “patina” of lovingly used old wood…







The reassembled Table Clamp Yarn Swift.   The top cup (for resting a yarn ball while winding?) also appears on my other old swift:


The cup at top is also a screw knob that tightens down to keep the sliding arms in position to hold a skein of yarn.  Each of the arms uprights screw into place, though I’m unsure why they aren’t simply glued in the single available hole.

I have deep affection and reverence for antiques.   Beyond this, the Yarn Swift is a practical tool which compliments my old spinning wheels for transforming wool into yarn.

When antiques are well-cared for, we are only their companions.  Eventually they will be passed on to live with future generations.

Excerpt: “Antiques are handmade, unique, durable, interactive objects of art.  Owning an antique is an uniquely personal experience.  When a piece is yours, you can touch it and live with it; you are forging a relationship with history.”



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