St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In 2014 = fun!

The social spinning butterflies were out in full force.  St. Distaff’s celebrated their 30th year with another 300+ turnout for this wonderful event.  These are 2011 – 2012 crowd pics, cuz my camera settings were off.    But it all looked much the same gazing across the vista of spinners.  Isn’t this vast, bright, school atrium a fabulous setting?

St. Dday spinners IMG_2850

Many familiar friends & customers returned, visiting our booth for hugs, shopping, and catching up on the latest.  We met Brian 2 years ago at Fiber Fusion, as he brought a class of students by on a vendor walkabout.  Here he poses in a fantastically whimsical sweater of his own creation. What’s not to smile about?   Brian obviously has mad knitting skills, cuz he also made this impressive white shawl – which another vendor kindly modeled for me.

St. Dday, friend Brian St. Dday modeling Brians shawl  St. Dday, Brian's wonderul shawl St. Dday wonderful felt hat

A wonderful felt hat walked into my booth, and we made instant friends (her name is in my notebook, but I’ve not yet unpacked our van).  We may take a felting class together, because making THIS is too much fun to pass up!

Artists can become attached to their own creations, and I admit my fondness for this cutiepatootie pixie sheep created just days before the show.  However, he has already been adopted into a (clearly) happy new home!

St. Dday cutiepatootie pixie sheep St. Dday, happy customer

Ditto for these special guys:  Mr. Sheep-in-Boots & Mr. Goat.  I just loved them both… and very nearly kept them for myself.  Their new owners wandered away from our crowded booth before I got a photo of them together.   I just have their childhood portraits to remember them by….(sniffle..).

Sheep in Boots Goat

Here is Karen, the St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In Organizer, in her pretty booth.

St. Dday Organizer Karen

Next year I’ll try harder to escape our crowded booth to get more photos of the vendor area.  There were wonderful booths & displays of lovely goods.  I think St. Distaff’s Spin-In show improves each year.  So much so… perhaps they’ll need to open a new vendor area in the near future.


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