When the whim strikes…..go with it.

Sooo many whims to explore! Most of them occupy my sketchbook pages.  As quickly as thought occurs – – I hurriedly draw them.  This needle felted mermaid idea has been stuck awhile in mind and sometimes the only way to get past an idea is to bring it to life.  “Ahhh  finally! That was satisfying...” even though needle-felting human hands & faces is wicked difficult!   Hmmm that tail still wants tiny blue-green beads….   

Mermaid f Mermaid bk

Then a passing air molecule bumped into me, easily causing distraction….  for the very next thought was that of my GRUMBLER.  A fleeting sour mood reminded me how dear hubby once (facetiously?) suggested I might wanna install a zipper (ha ha ha funny memory).  The original zipper-mouthed Grumbler created was a green critter with warts & horns & tail & clawed feet.  Just stitching it up banished the bad mood.   It’s photo appeared as my (also original) Ravelry avatar back in 2008.   The updated GRUMBLER needed to reflect my more recent love of all things wooly & a duplicate of the first will have to wait until I acquire a perfect zipper.  For now, fangs and green claws will do nicely.  I love it’s crossed arms and obvious sulking attitude!  This funny little critter doesn’t intimidate, it makes me laugh!  Just as dear hubby did on that distant day.  Ahhhh memories…..

Grumbler frontGrumbler back

That’s…..2 whims down….and about 4 dozen more to bring to creation!  Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s back to work I go….  la la la la


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