Disposal Felting…NOT recommended

NEW FELTING METHOD DISCOVERED!  Alert the media!  Old techniques take on a new spin – – in the kitchen sink garbage disposal!  ThUnk -a- tHunK-a-ThuNk…..    “WHAT da hek was THAT?!   Oh no…..oh dear…. Um, well…Ya know that’s actually kinda… cool looking.  UPDATE (a week later) I’ve turned it into a brooch pin!  hahahhahaha okay so I’m a bit odd…..

Disposal felted   Felted disposal brooch

Admittedly it’s a challenge find a use for this felted bit of alpaca.  But if I wanted, I COULD make more.  You just fill a pot with hot soapy water, place inside a mesh bag of alpaca fiber….but forget to zipper it closed!  Later when you pour off water & run the disposal to help drain it all…. you too may hear “ThUnk -a- tHunK-a-ThuNk.!! and smile with the satisfaction of knowing you just mastered a NEW felting technique!”



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